| 25 May 2024, Saturday |

Central Bank explains how to calculate daily trading volume on “Sayrafa” platform

Central Bank issued this morning an explanatory statement about the daily trading on the “Sayrafa” platform, stressing that “the daily trading volume on the platform that it issues on a daily basis includes the following:

What the Central Bank sold and bought in US dollars.
– The buying and selling of the US dollar carried out by banks and exchange institutions, which must be registered on the “Sayrafa” platform.

The statement emphasized that “trading on the platform includes the total dollars that entered the Central Bank and those that were paid, in addition to the operations of banks and money changers registered on “Sayrafa”.

Finally, the statement indicated that “the increase in trading volume on the platform in the past few days is normal and expected, as the public was allowed to buy and sell dollars without restrictions through the platform through their banks.”



  • NNA