| 28 September 2022, Wednesday |

Central Bank issues important clarification about Circular No. 161

The Governor of the Lebanese Central Bank Riad Salameh delivered the following statement on Thursday:

“The Governor of the Central Bank reiterates that Circular No. 161 will continue to be implemented with its main effects of selling US dollar paper against the Lebanese pound on the Sayrafa platform for banks at the price of the Sayrafa platform, and without a specific ceiling, as agreed upon during the meeting on January 11, 2022, led by PM Najib Mikati and Finance Minister Youssef El-Khalil.”

It is also important for the Governor of the Central Bank to assure everyone that the volume of daily trading on Sayrafa platform does not represent interventions by the Central Bank in the dollar market, nor the volume of its intervention, because Sayrafa platform does not include only the operations that the Central Bank carries out with banks, but rather it records all dollar buying and selling transactions that take place in the market among those registered on this platform through banks and money changers, even if the Central Bank does not intervene in them.”

  • NNA