| 23 April 2024, Tuesday |

Chinese Ambassador: The Chinese vaccine will arrive in Lebanon next week

Chinese Ambassador to Lebanon, Wang Kejian, announced that “the Chinese Corona vaccine will arrive in Lebanon next week.”

“China is convinced that expanding the spread of the vaccine is in the interest of mankind, because no one can enjoy security and protection alone, as comprehensive immunity is the common interest of all peoples,” confirmed Kejian during a farewell online meeting today with the Lebanese-Chinese Businessmen and Businesswomen Association Head, Ali Mahmoud al-Abdullah.

Kejian recalled the solidarity visit to the embassy in Beirut, at the head of a large economic delegation, when the Corona crisis began in China. He said, “You expressed great moral support towards China at the height of the crisis. Last year was difficult for everyone, but thanks to cooperation we were able to control the Corona epidemic in China, and we did everything we could to help others also overcome the pandemic. We believe that no one can enjoy security alone in this kind of crisis, without everyone being safe and protected. We continue to act based on this conviction, and we have provided assistance to developing countries in particular, including Lebanon, and recently we have made efforts in the field of vaccines, and the Chinese vaccines will arrive in Lebanon next week.”

“We hope that we will continue organizing the visits of Lebanese economic delegations to China, and this is one of the activities that we view with importance. I believe that once the travel restrictions imposed due to the spread of Corona are eased, these visits will resume,” Kejian corroborated, emphasizing as well the importance of international trade with China, especially through the shipping line.

The outgoing Chinese Ambassador described his term of office in Lebanon as a “unique and precious” part of his diplomatic life that he greatly cherishes. “Certainly, I benefited a lot from my experience during the years I spent in Lebanon, because Lebanon is a school for diplomats. That is why I learned a lot and made many friends, and I am proud of that,” said Kejian.

  • NNA