| 29 May 2024, Wednesday |

CMA CGM Group: We have no control over the Beirut Port silos

CMA CGM provided the following statement:

1- The CMA CGM Group regrets the speculations circulating concerning its connection with the Beirut port silos.

The company would also want to emphasize that it has no control over the silos because they are located 1500 meters beyond the container terminal area, thus falls under the responsibility of the Ministry of Economy and the Administration and Investment Authority of the Port of Beirut.

The CMA CGM Group wishes to clarify that its role is only to manage and run the container terminal at the Port of Beirut, which it took on in February following a public procurement.

The group has developed a comprehensive investment plan to ensure the rehabilitation of the two container terminals in the ports of Beirut and Tripoli in order to modernize them to improve their productivity and thus develop trade exchange between Lebanon and the rest of the world.

2- With regard to the management of container terminals in the ports of Beirut and Tripoli, CMA CGM Group would like to confirm that it is the sole shareholder in the two operating companies and manages them completely independently.

  • Sawt Beirut International