| 30 November 2023, Thursday |

Commitment regarding school return in Beirut… varied

The scene of commitment regarding the return to schools today, in implementation of the Ministry of Education’s decision, varies from one region to another. Voices condemning Minister Abbas Al-Halabi’s decision to return to physical education, starting Monday morning, overshadowed the safe return of students according to a health protocol announced yesterday.

A varying percentage of commitment between public schools that chose to remain on strike, and private schools, some of which committed themselves to opening schools, while others left the branch administrations in the regions free to take the appropriate decision according to the epidemiological situation of the environment and its developments.

An ebb and flow of the decision to return to schools prevailed in the past hours, before an evening meeting was held at the Ministry of Education to take the final decision on ending or extending the holidays, which concluded that schools should reopen in Lebanon in order not to miss a new school year, after two years burdened with health and living crises. .

The insistence of the Ministry of Education on the decision to open schools and attendance education on Monday is based on the point of view that every country, with its markets and sectors, conducts business in a normal way, so why do schools remain outside this reality? Secondly, the ministry did not postpone its decision for an additional week, and its goal is to urge teachers to return without pressure, especially since part of the aid in “fresh” dollars was received by teachers, and there is no justification for not opening schools.