| 27 May 2024, Monday |

Concerns for a big COVID-19 outbreak in Lebanon over the winter season

Firas Abiad, Minister of Health, is following the Pfizer marathon from Bouar Governmental Hospital. “It is crucial for us to reach the greatest number of citizens with the vaccination, and we hope that they will not be late, since we expect a huge wave of the pandemic during the winter and the hospitals are not logistically equipped,” Abiad added.

With the fast spread of the new mutant Omicron around the world, and in light of the high daily census of COVID-19, the Pfizer marathon was initiated today for the third dosage for individuals aged 50 and over who took the second dose of the vaccine 5 months ago or more, according to the Ministry. health.

In this regard, the third dose of Pfizer vaccination marathon was launched at Dr. Abdullah Al-Rassi Governmental Hospital in Halba, which is organized by the Ministry of Health in various regions in specific centers for age groups of 50 years and over.