| 18 May 2024, Saturday |

Condemnation of individuals accused of transporting weapons from Syria to Lebanon to terrorists

Sources told Sawt Beirut International that the permanent Military Court headed by Brigadier General Mounir Chehadeh issued a judgment imposing a 15-year hard labor penalty against the Syrian Hassan Al-Zirai, in addition to a fine of ten million Lebanese pounds, and sentenced Mahmoud Amer to three years of hard labor, with a fine of two million liras, depriving them from their civil rights.

The court condemned the defendants for the crimes of “financing terrorists and providing logistical support to them, and securing aid to terrorist organizations by transferring weapons and military equipment to them from Syria to Lebanon, in addition to wireless devices and handing them over to the leader of the “Al-Nosra” front.

  • Sawt Beirut International