| 3 February 2023, Friday |

Consumer Association provides food safety advices, amid power cuts

The Consumer Association said in a statement on Thursday that the increase in rationing and power cuts along with the high temperature is threatening food safety, therefore, the association recommends reducing the purchase of refrigerated food that require freezer.

The association added that recurrent cuts of power increases food risks, especially as it exceeds critical limits and exposes consumers to food poisoning.”

The association advised “purchasing the daily needs only, to avoid refrigerated storage and to refrain from storing meat, cheese, and milk in the refrigerator unless you are sure you can maintain the same temperature degrees for cooling.”

It also recommended resorting dried vegetables and fruits as an alternative preservation method, and to reduce purchasing refrigerated and frozen foods. It also advised buying from trusted stores, and reporting any fraud or food spoilage after purchasing on the association’s hotline 01750650.”

The association stressed that “these are preventive measures to protect the safety and health of consumers at this critical stage in the nation’s history.”

  • Sawt Beirut International