| 19 May 2024, Sunday |

‘Contractual teachers’ submitted their demands for the new academic year

The “Movement of Secondary Contractors” coordinator, Hamza Mansour, announced a plan for the requirements of the new academic year, which includes the following:

1- Securing gasoline for teachers and students’ vans on a daily basis at a subsidized price through a plan carried out by the Ministry in coordination with the relevant ministries, and as soon as possible.

2- Securing diesel fuel for schools.

3- Securing papers and printing ink for schools.

4- Exempting secondary school students from tuition fees and parental council fees.

5- Replacing a new Civil Status record with an old copy of it, because it costs more than 250,000 LBP.

6- Providing complete stationery for all students in all stages from kindergarten to high school.

7- Providing free internet open to professors and students.

8- Giving a transport allowance to the contractors immediately, similar to what you give to the fixed contract teachers (24,000 LPB per day).

9- Calculating the entire contract for the contractual teachers in order to overcome the loss of hours that come from the strikes of the so-called coordination bodies that only consider their interests.

10- The Minister of Education should immediately ask the Minister of Finance to work quickly on a decision that includes raising the hourly wage for all contractors and their beneficiaries in proportion to the value and level of inflation and the rise of the dollar.

The movement indicated in the statement that “if the Ministry is unable to secure gasoline and distribute it equitably to teachers, then it has no choice but to resort to online education, which have less requirements and burdens than in-person education. But in this case the Ministry of Education, in coordination with the Ministry of Communications and Energy, should secure fast and permanent internet connection for each teacher and student free of charge and without interruption.”

The statement also confirmed that “resorting to online education is the alternative solution to the in-person as long as there are no obstacles if we do not want to interrupt education.”

  • Sawt Beirut International