| 24 May 2024, Friday |

Coordination meeting between Ministries of Information and Telecommunications on transmission interruption problems

A coordination meeting was held on Thursday at the Information Ministry between Caretaker Minister of Information, Manal Abdel Samad Najd, and Caretaker Minister of Telecommunications, Talal Hawat, in the presence of head of National Audiovisual Council, Abdel Hadi Mahfouz,  “Tele Liban” Board Chairman, Tawfiq Traboulsi, “Radio Lebanon” Director, Mohammed Gharib, Technical Director at TL, Saeed Abu Daher, and Technical department head at Radio Lebanon, Louis Riachy.

Attending on behalf of the Ministry of Telecommunications had been:  Director General of Investment and Maintenance Bassel Al-Ayoubi, Director General of Telecommunications Construction and Equipment Naji Andraos, Head of the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority Amine Moukheiber, and other concerned officials.

The meeting was devoted to discussing preventive measures to address any likely interruption of radio and television transmission stations due to the shortage of fuel oil.

At the end of the meeting, conferees agreed to form a joint committee including representatives from the Ministries of Information and Telecommunications to follow up on the issue and develop suggestions and solutions to put in place preventive measures against any probable interruption of transmission of radio and TV stations.

  • NNA