| 13 April 2024, Saturday |

Council of Ministers’ decisions for today’s session

Minister of Education and Higher Education and Acting Minister of Information, Abbas Halabi, read out the decisions of the cabinet session, that was held today Tuesday, saying: “President Najib Mikati called for avoiding auctions, especially since the country is 90 days away from the elections, and we must work together to achieve this entitlement.”

He added, “President Mikati considered that frankness with the Lebanese is a necessity to be partners with us without embarrassment, so the Lebanese wound will be healed, and our country will return to what it was before, because populist talk does not help, and so is the case of denial.”

He continued, “The Minister of Energy explained the most prominent items of the electricity plan to improve energy production, pointing to obstacles and research to be completed with the plan in a future session.”

Halabi indicated that, “The Council of Ministers requested the Minister of Energy to develop a plan to implement a law related to regulating the electricity sector and to study the possibility of reconsidering the electric tariff in parallel with the increase in feeding hours and to develop a plan for installing smart meters to improve collection”

Stressed that, “the issue of appointments was not raised in today’s cabinet session.”

  • Sawt Beirut International