| 7 December 2023, Thursday |

“Counterattacks target border villages, and reconnaissance aircraft fly over Tyre.”

The surroundings of Alma Al Shaab, Naqoura, and Labouneh have been subjected to counterartillery shelling since Sunday morning, amid intensive reconnaissance flights over the skies of Tyre.

Last night, the vicinity of several towns (Labouneh, Naqoura, Alma Al Shaab, and Ayta Al Shaab) came under counterartillery shelling.

The Israeli army also launched incendiary bombs into the forests adjacent to the Blue Line, causing fires that destroyed a third of the mature trees, especially in the vicinity of Alma Al Shaab.

Additionally, Hamamse Hill was subjected to counterartillery shelling last night.

Yesterday, Hezbollah announced targeting a position of Israeli soldiers inside one of the houses in the settlement of “Al-Matla” off southern Lebanon, inflicting confirmed injuries. This came hours after Hezbollah fighters targeted positions belonging to the occupation, including the Abad site.

Meanwhile, the spokesperson for the enemy’s army, Daniel Hagari, confirmed early Sunday that military warplanes had targeted the military infrastructure of Hezbollah in Lebanese territory, following the observation of several launch operations from Lebanese territory, stating that no casualties had been observed in the settlements.

Hagari added, “Anti-tank gunfire was observed towards the Mtolle area without any injuries.”

  • Sawt Beirut International