| 14 April 2024, Sunday |

COVID-19 cases’ update, death toll witnesses slight decrease

The Ministry of Public Health reported 2,082 new confirmed cases and 32 deaths. In the pandemic context, the director of Rafic Hariri University Hospital, Firas Abiad, revealed that “the majority of Corona’s numbers, in Lebanon, are improving: the daily number of new cases, the rate of positive tests, hospitalizations and the number of deaths are encouraging.”

He has also stressed that “the data that is being publicly shared in the Ministry of Health report is not sufficient to know the exact reasons for this improvement.”

“Certainly, the restrictions imposed early this year helped the numbers drop. However, the current high level of population movement and vulnerable compliance with safety measures, such as wearing masks, could not be fundamentally contributing factors to the noticeable and sustained improvement”, Abiad explained.

“It can be estimated, based on some local studies, that about 40% of the population has been infected by the virus. In addition to the number of people who received the vaccine, 45% of the population gained immunity. This number is still far from the threshold required to reach the required immunity, but it helps limit the spread of community disease,” Abiad said.

  • Sawt Beirut International