| 24 May 2024, Friday |

Covid-19 dilemma won’t end before a year and a half.

The President’s Adviser for Health Affairs, Walid Khoury, feared a third wave during the holiday season due to the Corona virus. In a radio interview, he stressed the recommendations of the Corona Committee regarding imposing a general lockdown and a curfew during the festive period to avoid a repeat of the Christmas and New Year scenario.

He believed that “the recent closure decision did not achieve the goals set for it because citizens in a number of governorates did not abide by the procedures.”

Khoury explained that the numbers are still low, and the problem is in importing the missing vaccine globally, and Lebanon is expecting additional batches of vaccines to arrive in the next two months, so that the vaccination will reach a greater portion of the population, but he assured that there is no salvation for at least a year and a half.