| 5 March 2024, Tuesday |

Covid-19 report for today.

Ministry of Public Health recorded in its daily report, 214 new infections, raising the cumulative number of confirmed cases to 540,844, and 5 deaths.

In a related context, the Director of Rafic Hariri University Hospital, Firas Abyad, announced in a previous statement that “many things are not going currently in the right direction in Lebanon, but the continuous decline in Corona numbers is undoubtedly welcomed,” asking: “Should we be optimistic?” Carefully, at least with regard to Corona? Unfortunately, that would be an early sense for the reasons outlined below.”

Abyad saw that the majority of the population remains without immunity to the virus, even post-infection immunity, which is assumed to have been acquired during January wave, will diminish over time, noting that vaccines can provide required protection, but new strains of corona may be able to confront acquired immunity.

He explained, “If we take into account the age group above 75 years, many of them have not yet registered on the platform to receive the vaccine (estimates > third) of those registered, 28% have not yet received the vaccine. As for the other categories, unfortunately hundreds are still not attending their appointments.”

In parallel, the Lebanese authorities vaccinated more than ten thousand people on Saturday as part of a “marathon” against the Corona virus, organized by the Ministry of Health in the crisis-stricken country.

Health Minister Hamad Hassan said that the number exceeded ten thousand and five hundred till eight o’clock of Saturday evening. They received the AstraZeneca vaccine in various centers in the country.