| 23 February 2024, Friday |

Culture minister: If we had a proportional election law based on “one district”, politicians would have adopted a different political speech

Minister of Culture, Judge Mohammad Wissam Al-Mortada, considered that if we were given an electoral law based on proportionality in which all of Lebanon is based on one district, the political discourse prevailing nowadays would not have been the same, “but rather would have perceived the elections as a constitutional entitlement, in which the candidates compete to win the votes of all the Lebanese based on projects instead of slander and innuendos.”

Al-Mortdada regretted that all political talk is aimed at slamming the resistance and its environment. saying: “I knew that this season had its rituals and its language, and that the high-pitched tone was one of the means of instigating individuals to vote or gain votes….but I did not expect at all that all speech and slogans would be almost permanently addressed in a specific direction, which is the resistance and the environment of the resistance.”

The Minister’s words came during his patronage of the ceremony marking the anniversary of the liberation of the city of Tyre and its surroundings from the Israeli occupation, at the invitation of the Forum of NGOs in the city, in the presence of prominent dignitaries and officials.

  • NNA