| 18 June 2024, Tuesday |

Dabour meets his Iranian counterpart

Mojtaba Amani, the Iranian ambassador to Lebanon, was welcomed by Ashraf Dabour, the Palestinian ambassador there.

The Palestinian problem apparently took center stage in the discussions.

Dabour briefed the Iranian ambassador on “the organized and repeated Israeli attacks that amount to crimes against humanity by the occupation army and its settlers against our people and our Islamic and Christian holy sites, especially in the city of Jerusalem, and the Judaization campaigns it is exposed to.”

He affirmed “the valor of our people and our leadership in the face of the Zionist project that aims to liquidate our Palestinian cause and the legitimacy of our right to freedom, return and independence, and the Israeli endeavor to weaken our region and our gratitude in order to achieve its goals and implement its plans.”

In turn, the Iranian ambassador affirmed “his country’s support for the struggle of our people and their national rights.”


  • NNA