| 4 December 2021, Saturday |

Defense Minister: The clashes in Tayouneh led to shooting from both sides

The Minister of National Defense, Maurice Selim, announced that “field testimonies regarding Thursday’s march indicated that there was a diversion of the march.”

In an interview with MTV, Selim pointed out that “the clash in Tayouneh led to shooting from both sides.”

He pointed out that “the source of firing the B7 was found, arrests were made, and the army implemented all necessary preemptive field measures.”

The Minister of Defense added that “the issue of the Council of Ministers is separate from the fate of the judicial investigator, and the decision regarding Al-Bitar is taken in the judiciary, not in politics,” stressing that “what we witnessed in Tayouneh will not be repeated, as it is certain that there are no expected developments and the security forces are widespread, and there are 19 detainees from both sides”.