| 26 June 2022, Sunday |

“Depositors association” discusses recovery plan with Deputies Najat Saliba, Mark Daou

The Depositors’ Association met today with newly elected MPs Najat Aoun Saliba and Mark Daou to discuss the depositors’ money case, the planned recovery plan, and the principles enshrined in the “Depositors Bill.”

In this context, it was agreed to “cooperate in everything related to legislative work and to exert pressure to protect the interests of depositors.”

Both Deputies Saliba and Daou expressed their full support for the demands and positions of the Depositors’ Association, and stressed on safeguarding depositors’ rights in the face of attempts to place the banking crisis burden upon them. They underlined, herein, the need for banks to assume their responsibility for the depositors’ crisis by bearing the losses first, before any other party, through their assets and profits, while keeping the state’s assets and properties away from any privatization attempts. Both deputies highlighted the importance of finding the best means to render these assets in the service of citizens and not the corrupt political class and mafias.


  • NNA