| 29 May 2024, Wednesday |

Depositors Association says reserves right to sue over social media accusations

The Association of Depositors in Lebanon said on Saturday it reserves the right to sue a number of social media websites before the Publications Court in case they abstain from deleting a paragraph the association deems offensive and if they fail to apologize to the association and the depositors.

“The association defends the right of every citizen who has deposits in Lebanese banks, regardless of their political affiliation or sectarian belief,” the association said in a statement in reply to what was published on some social media websites accusing it of being ‘suspicious’.

“We have top-notch economic and legal competencies that outline and define the association’s policy and objectives and that provide solutions with the aim of preserving the rights of depositors who are members of the association,” the statement said.

“The association holds the entire political class, the central bank and all banks combined responsible for the crisis, and that’s what we have previously said through many channels and sites,” it noted, adding “site officials should have reviewed their archives before accusing us of being ‘suspicious’”.

“In case anyone has a proof that we are indeed ‘suspicious’, let them come forward.”