| 4 March 2024, Monday |

Deputy Chief observer: “the EU EOM is observing the out of country voting in 13 European countries”

“We deployed 16 teams to directly observe the Out of Country Voting in 13 European countries”, said today the Deputy Chief Observer of the European Union Election Observation Mission (EU EOM) Jarek Domański, after his short visit to the operation room at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Beirut.

“The teams are observing between 7:00 and 22:00, local times” explained Domański, “but we are observing the monitoring process here at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and we will be also present at the counting and tabulation of the ballot boxes coming from abroad on 15 May.”

“Let me express my gratitude to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to give us access to observe this monitoring process in their operation room,” he said.

“Our assessment about the Out of Country Voting will be included in our Preliminary statement that we will present in a press conference on Tuesday 17 May at 11 am”, stated the Deputy Chief Observer.

He underlined that “The mission arrived in Lebanon at the end of March and our 15 teams of long-term observers have been regularly reporting from all electoral districts in Lebanon since mid-April”.

“Next Sunday, on Election-Day, the EU EOM will have 170 observers deployed all over Lebanon” he concluded.

  • Sawt Beirut International