| 20 April 2024, Saturday |

Diab ‎received COVID vaccine at Baabda Governmental Hospital, inaugurates Covid-19 intensive care ‎department

Caretaker Prime Minister, Hassan Diab, on Thursday inspected Baabda Governmental University Hospital where he inaugurated the Covid-19 intensive care department. He was received by Minister Hamad Hassan, Hospital Director, Dr. Farid Sabbagh, Hospital Chief Physician, Dr. Ziad Saadeh, and Head of the General Surgery Department, Dr. Joseph Maroun.

Premier Diab toured the hospital, accompanied by his Advisor, Khodor Taleb, and his OfficeHead, Judge Khaled Akkari.

PM Diab visited the intensive care unit prior to the Covid-19 vaccine at the vaccination department.

At the end of the inspection tour, Premier Diab said: “I am pleased to have received the vaccine at Baabda Governmental Hospital, which I am visiting for the first time, and to have inaugurated a new intensive care department to serve the largest possible number of citizens affected with the coronavirus. This hospital applies high-quality standards in terms of organization and management of the coronavirus pandemic; this clearly shows that efforts exerted by the public sector, with the support of all relevant stakeholders, especially doctors and nurses, are yielding success”.

“I would also like to praise the progress made by governmental hospitals this year in terms of increased human potential, equipment and medicines. Public-private cooperation in the health sector is essential, and the Minister of Health has been keen on promoting this cooperation upstream. The health sector has achieved great successes within a year and a half after being neglected for long decades. I hope that the new government will continue this effort so that the public health sector remains an example for Lebanon and the entire region in order to support the private sector and complement it. We are now in a race between the increasing number of positive cases and the vaccination process”, he followed.

“The Ministry of Health is making the required efforts to secure the vaccine, but as the Minister of Health said, we are receiving a small number of vaccine jabs as per the concluded agreements. Lebanon has been facing major and unprecedented crises for a year now, be it in terms of the coronavirus epidemic or in terms of the ongoing economic, financial, social and banking problems. Forming a new Cabinet and negotiating with the International Monetary Fund remain the key to resolving these crises. Therefore, I hope all concerned parties will expedite the formation of the government to face all these challenges”, Diab added.

Hospital Director, Dr. Farid Sabbagh, welcomed Premier Diab and said: “We welcome His Excellency at Baabda Governmental University Hospital. Your visit is very precious and a great support for us, especially after you received the vaccine at the hospital. We also thank the Minister of Health for all the support he provides to the hospital. The public hospitalization sector is capable of assuming its responsibilities, and I hope we have your support in all future stages”.

  • NNA