| 22 February 2024, Thursday |

Diab: A control mechanism is necessary to prevent smuggling or storing subsidized products

Caretaker Prime Minister Hassan Diab stressed, in a meeting held in the Grand Serail about the storage of subsidized food products, on the importance of implementing a mechanism to control and monitor the import process, in order to prevent smuggling or storing subsidized products.

Diab said that these products should be monitored and controlled since it arrives to the local market until it reaches the end consumer.

Diab said that there are large quantities of subsidized products including food and medicine that are stored by traders, and therefore lost from the market. He also emphasized the existence of smuggling despite the mechanisms that have been set to prevent smuggling, storage, and monopoly.”

Diad added: “the Ministry of Economy and Trade has begun in the past two weeks a campaign to raid warehouses. He said that the subsidized products are available only on the bills and not in the market.”

He also stressed on the importance to develop an integrated plan and to coordinate between the security forces and the concerned ministries to prevent monopoly and chaos in the markets.”

  • Sawt Beirut International