| 18 May 2021, Tuesday | النسخة العربية

Diab during virtual iftar: Government formation stuck in vicious circle

Caretaker Prime Minister, Hassan Diab, took part, via Zoom, in the virtual iftar organized by the children of the social welfare institutions in Lebanon – the Islamic Orphans House, under the slogan “Verily with hardship comes ease”.

Diab said in a statement on that occasion: “Coronavirus pandemic has deprived us of the face-to-face encounter that we have always been waiting for every year. Yet, the brothers in the social welfare institutions – the Islamic Orphans House, who shoulder the responsibility of managing these venerable institutions, and make every effort to preserve its role and advance its mission, insisted on holding this iftar banquet at a distance, labelling it “Verily with hardship comes ease”, thus maintaining communication and resisting this epidemic that has widened the distance between us, but our hearts came closer, and no circumstances will separate us, God willing.

Diab added: “Ramadan comes this year under very difficult circumstances, great difficulties, a complex reality, and unprecedented challenges in Lebanon’s history. Besides coronavirus epidemic that made us break our fast together, in a virtual format, Lebanon is going through a critical phase, as the formation of the government continues to be stuck in a vicious circle, due to complications that do not give weight to the social, living, financial, and economic conditions of the Lebanese who are paying the price of conflicts, settlement of accounts, and vested interests, which they put ahead of those of the country.”

Diab asked God to help Lebanon quickly get rid of every obstacle, and remove this pall of pessimism that weights on the Lebanese. “Thus, allow me to congratulate our dear brothers who have chosen the divine good tidings in the Holy Qur’an, attesting the hope expressed in the noble verse: “Verily with hardship comes ease, with hardship comes ease”.

Diab said: ” Allow me to especially commend the Director General of the institutions, H.E. my dear friend and brother, Dr. Khaled Qabbani. I also thank the Dean, my dear friend, Professor Farouk Jabr, as well as the Secretary, Nada Salam Naja, the Deanery’s council, the administrative staff, and the workers in the various affiliated institutions, one by one; I salute them for their distinguished efforts in serving the people and upholding fraternal solidarity.”