| 19 April 2024, Friday |

Diab: May God protect Lebanon from the evil of conspirators against the truth

Former Prime Minister Hassan Diab said in a statement today, “The 730-day anniversary goes back to the date on which the ward of corruption exploded, in a country that was devastated by corruption until it reached the pillars of its structure. The disaster that afflicted Lebanon on August 4th is greater than the country’s ability to bear its pain. The truth about that ominous explosion remains absent until today, because there are those who deliberately spread thick fog around it, distorting and diverting its course, so that the truth about this disaster would remain unknown.”

He continued, “Any step towards revealing the facts of that ominous explosion should not overlook the basic questions that are still unanswered: who brought these materials and for what purpose? Why did they remain for 7 years? And how did the explosion happen? Here lies the truth that would comfort the martyrs in heaven, and from here we can be optimistic that this explosion will not remain without a perpetrator, an interventionist, or a conspirator against the country.”

“May God have mercy on the martyrs of August 4, and may God protect Lebanon from the evil of conspirators against the truth,” Diab’s statement concluded.

  • NNA