| 28 May 2024, Tuesday |

Diab receives Ferzli at Grand Serail

Caretaker Prime Minister, Dr. Hassan Diab, on Monday received at the Grand SerailDeputy Speaker, Elie Ferzli, in the presence of PCM Secretary-General, Judge Mahmoud Makie and PM advisorKhodor Taleb.

After the meeting, Ferzli stated, “It was necessary to meet the Prime Minister Hassan Diab, to draw his attention to a central and fundamental issue spurred by the will of the Parliament’s office before the meeting that will be held tomorrow with regard to the ration card. H.E. PM Diab was fully responsive and coordinated with us to serve citizens’ interests. 

Thus, in order to facilitate the achievement of the card’s desired goal to adopt the sum of 93 dollars as an average rate, as approved by the joint committees, which set a maximum of 137 dollars, we have agreed on the content of the letter sent by H.E. PM Diab on behalf of the Council of Ministers to the Parliament ahead of the conclusion by MPs ofthe study related to the ration card. 

Premier Diab is trying as much as possible, in the current difficult circumstances, based on the exceptional decrees that he signs, to facilitate citizen’s affairs, for the central issue remains the formation of a new government.

  • NNA