| 17 July 2024, Wednesday |

Diab says Lebanon at risk, speedy solution a necessity

Former Prime Minister Hassan Diab received a delegation from the “Sada4press” website who visited him at his Tallet Al-Khayyat residence, with talks touching on the latest developments in the country and Lebanon’s tendency towards more complexities instead of finding solutions to the prevailing crises.

The delegation valued the former Prime Minister’s efforts to salvage Lebanon, considering that “his government was an irreplaceable opportunity.”

In turn, Diab stressed that “the path to a solution is to eliminate corruption, especially since the economic and financial policies in force do not bode well,” calling on the people to “join hands to restore Lebanon, for it is heading, in its current course, towards collapse.”

Referring to his government, Diab agreed with the delegation in deeming it a “lost opportunity for Lebanon”, for it was “distinguished by everyone’s desire to work hard for Lebanon and adhered to the standards that had been set, as it included twenty technocrat ministers, but political pressure and the disasters that befell Lebanon, namely the Beirut port explosion and the Corona pandemic, among other factors, prevented it from completing its mission.”

In regards to the Banque du Liban, Diab noted that “continuing to rely on one governor over a period of twenty-seven years is something that does not happen in the most important countries in the world,” expressing surprise at the insistence of the ruling system to maintain the Central Bank governor despite the grave mistakes he committed in engineering financial policies.

  • NNA