| 16 October 2021, Saturday |

Director of Zahrani facilities: The causes of the fire are technical

The director of oil facilities in Al-Zahrani, Ziad Al-Zein, explained that “the fire broke out in an intermediate tank belonging to the Lebanese army. We noticed at night that there was an inclination in the roof of the tank. It did not explode and the fire did not spread to the second tank,” stressing that no human casualties were recorded, congratulating the installations team that stayed on site despite the danger.

He believed that “if there were no preventive policies in the facilities, the results would have been far worse”, stressing that “the causes of the fire are technical and the danger has disappeared after controlling the fire.”

He pointed out that “the Minister of Energy, Walid Fayyad, will form a committee to follow up the incident, and we will show the result in all transparency.”