| 19 May 2024, Sunday |

Discontent escalates in Lebanon against Hezbollah, even importing gasoline will not extinguish it!

The Lebanese, who have lost everything, have nothing to fear in a country which is totally collapsing. Discontent against politicians is escalating amid their inability to meet the most basic daily needs of electricity, water, and even bread, not to mention fuel, hospitalization, and job opportunities.

However, the anger that carries the most prominent indicator in the country, appeared this time against Hezbollah.

The daily suffering experienced by the Lebanese due to the unprecedented economic crisis, prompted many to publicly criticize Hezbollah, and hold it, along with other politicians, responsible for the miserable situation the country is going through.

Discontent is growing against the party that Iran founded in the early 1980s.

Assaulting Hezbollah members

According to the Associated Press, this anger took a different form this time, as a number of Lebanese attacked a Hezbollah vehicle and destroyed it after the party launched missiles targeting sites in Israel.

This incident is considered a unique case, and indicates people’s awareness of the danger of creating a new crisis to add to the country’s crises, and to plunge it deep into the bottom of hell.

In this context, Joe Macaron, an analyst specializing in Middle East affairs, said that “Hezbollah is now facing its biggest challenge, which is maintaining control over the Lebanese regime, or what is called maintaining the environment of resistance against Israel.”

He also stressed that the party’s situation will not look the same after the end of the current crisis, so it must from now on adapt to ensure its political survival in the long term, but in the current stage it must reduce losses as much as possible.

Iranian gasoline

Perhaps Hezbollah’s strategy to reduce losses, and absorb people’s anger, is when he announced last week that the fuel is coming from Iran, as if he was saying to the Lebanese, “We will help you.”

However, the general popular mood has become elsewhere in the country, as the anger against Hezbollah has evolved. This discontent against Hezbollah is no longer limited, according to the Associated Press, to its opponents, but has also emerged among its followers who took to the streets recently, protesting against power cuts, fuel shortages, and the deteriorating local currency.

Several areas and strongholds of Hezbollah, especially in the South, have witnessed protests and quarrels over fuel. The majority of the Lebanese have been aware that the party is pushing the country towards Iran, instead of pushing for reforms.

Several accusations are leveled against Hezbollah that it has become greater than the state itself, and is no longer a statelet within the state.

Even when Hezbollah tried to intervene to alleviate the economic crisis, its support was limited to his followers and supporters only, by issuing financing cards that it distributed to about 80,000 of his followers, in addition to providing treatment in about 50 private clinics affiliated with the party.

In addition to the fact that its members receive salaries and benefits in dollars, this has increased the oppression of many Lebanese even within its “environment”!

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