| 21 May 2024, Tuesday |

Do schools have the right to get installments in dollars?

The Minister of Education and Higher Education, Abbas Al-Halabi, pointed out that “the law in force to date on the issue of school budgets is Law 515 issued in 1996, which does not allow any increase in premiums as long as there are no new burdens imposed by new regulations and laws.”
He pointed out that on the subject of suspending Article 2 of Law 515, which is still a law proposal in the House of Representatives, “it will be studied in the form in which it is presented, and it will be discussed based on the current reality, and in case it got the approval, then its requirements will be implemented.
Halabi stressed that on the subject of paying the installments in cash dollars, “the school budget, according to Law 515, is presented in the Lebanese pound, and therefore the payment of the installments is limited to the Lebanese pound only, especially since the Monetary and Credit Law specified the national currency to be the basic currency, and it is not permissible to meet any school installment In dollars, or specifying it in dollars, to be exchanged in Lebanese pounds.”
He called upon the components of the educational family, including parents, schools, teachers and students, to “preserve the educational institution as a whole, in order to overcome this difficult stage, which we hope will not be prolonged.”