| 26 February 2024, Monday |

Doctors and Democrats: “to issue an international health passport.”

Health Committee of “Doctors’ Association in Lebanon” and the Central Health Office of “National Democratic Assembly” called on the Ministry of Public Health and the caretaker government, to approve a health certificate, identity or international health passport, which includes the type and date of getting the anti-Covid 19 vaccine, and a brief personal health history, as some developed countries such as Canada and others have begun to apply, in order to facilitate the treatment and follow-up of those concerned especially while traveling.  Therefore, some of these countries have begun to ease prevention and health control measures at airports, ports and land border crossings.

The two committees wished upon the ministry “to adopt this qualitatively developed step, to keep pace with other with proven experienced countries, and to keep pace with contemporary scientific developments, in order to serve the patient’s health at a high international level.”