| 5 October 2022, Wednesday |

Dollar heading towards “Madness Phase”!

Economic expert, Professor Jassem Ajaqa, said that if the government does not convene, the dollar will be heading towards a “madness phase” in the coming period.
Ajaqa described the failure of the Cabinet in not taking the necessary decisions and correct matters, as a major crime committed against public finances, pointing to the serious repercussions that would occur if the Council continued to be suspended.
He considered that the price of fuels has reached the level of striking the local demand, and therefore any dollars that importers will take will not be to meet the needs of the local market, because the demand has diminished, warning that this matter will affect other sectors in the coming days if no measures are taken.
As for the forensic financial audit, Ajaqa pointed out that it is surrounded by ambiguity, explaining that the phrase “forensic audit” indicates the investigation in a particular crime, so the nature of the crime must be specified in the contract signed between “Alvarez and Marsal” and the Ministry of Finance, in addition to the time that the audit process will take. , wondering about how to deal with the results of the audit and whether anyone will be held accountable or only his name will be announced to the public opinion.