| 19 June 2024, Wednesday |

Dollar’s rise has no ceiling.. And a Cabinet convene is a must

Head of the Food Importers Syndicate, Hani Bohsali, asked: “What prevents the dollar from reaching 35 and 40 thousand in the midst of this scattering, and there are people dying and emigrating, and what we see does not bode well?”

Via a radio interview, Bohsali was surprised by the dollar’s ​​rise during the holiday period, noting that “this rise is political, not economic, and we do not see a ceiling for the rise in the exchange rate, and it is normal for prices to rise.”

Bohsali called on “the officials to have compassion for the people and the situation is not fine, and everyone should prepared to face challenges.” He added, “We are waiting for what will happen on the security and political fronts, but what is required is the same, and that is fot the government to convene, the solution is in the hands of those in power.”

It is noteworthy that the black market dollar recorded an insane rise today, without knowing the reasons.