| 24 February 2024, Saturday |

Economy Minister issues circular on reoperation of Business Sector in Lebanon

Caretaker Economy Minister, Raoul Nehme, issued on Thursday a circular regarding the reoperation of the Business Sector in Lebanon in stages, pursuant to the decision of the Coronavirus Ministerial Committee, and within the framework of implementing the second phase of the aforementioned decision related to the reoperation of the Business Sector sector starting from Monday 01/03/2021, as follows:

“All companies and commercial institutions included in the decision are required to adhere to all preventive measures and procedures against the coronavirus and to take organizational and logistical measures to reopen on the aforementioned date, including conducting PCR tests for their workers. The time of opening for these sectors and the mechanism for obtaining the required permits will be announced through a statement by the National Operations Room for Disaster Management at the Grand Serail.

The Business Sector includes:

1. Wholesale of food, beverages, and tobacco
2. Retail sale of textiles, clothing, shoes, and leather goods
3. Retail sale of construction, engineering, and agricultural equipment
4. Retail sale of alcoholic drinks
5. Retail sale of tobacco and its products
6. Retail sale of perfumes and cosmetics
7. Retail sale of shoes and leather goods
8. Retail sale of fabrics and linens
9. Retail sale of clothing and furs
10. Retail sale of furniture and furnishings
11. Retail sale of home fixtures
12. Retail sale of electrical home appliances, radio, and television
13. Retail sale of chandeliers and decorating tools
14. Retail sale of cellular phones and their spare parts
15. Retail sale of sporting goods and entertainment equipment
16. Retail sale of toys and games
17. Retail sale of musical instruments
18. Retail sale of watches and jewelry
19. Retail sale of antiques and old masterpieces
20. Malls
21. Retail sale in specialized stores of products not classified elsewhere

Consumer protection monitors and all judicial police personnel, each within their jurisdiction, are tasked with monitoring the compliance of the shops included in this circular and issuing tickets against violators, before referring them to the competent court to impose appropriate penalties against them.”

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