| 20 May 2024, Monday |

Electricity of Lebanon calls on the security forces to arrest the thieves of tension lines

The Electricité du Liban announced in a statement that it and “due to the continuation of the theft operations that affected the high tension lines Baalbek – Dernabouh 220 kV and Hermel – Qobayat 66 kV in the Hermel outskirts, which affected the lists of the towers supporting it, which led to the fall of one of the tension towers. High 220 kV, in addition to the electricity transmissions of these two lines, which led to the restriction of feeding the Labwah and Hermel stations from the source of Baalbek station only, and since these attacks and thefts are still continuing to date despite the numerous correspondences to the concerned authorities without this leading to being able to stop them The above-mentioned lines were put under tension, as were all transmission lines of the Electricité du Liban network. Moreover, the Corporation is following up the work necessary to put these lines back into active service as soon as the rehabilitation and maintenance work is completed.”

  • NNA