| 6 December 2023, Wednesday |

Elias Al-Hasrouni’s wife dies in a traffic accident

The death of Yvette Sleiman Al-Hasrouni, the wife of Elias Al-Hasrouni, in a traffic accident near Ain Ebel-Rmeish seems to indicate that the tragedy of death is still plaguing the Al-Hasrouni family.

Yvette was in greatest need of blood following the car accident she had, and was in severe condition when she was sent to Salah Ghandour Hospital – Bint Jbeil. She was also bleeding internally.

Such incident took place two months following Elias Al-Hasrouni, her husband’s death.

In a related context, the mayor of Ain Abel, Imad Al-Loos, confirmed to Al-Nahar that “Mrs. Yvette Sleiman Al-Hasrouni died due to a traffic accident, and this accident was not related to the killing of her husband, Elias Al-Hasrouni.”

  • Sawt Beirut International