| 2 October 2023, Monday |

Environment Minister warns against burning dry weeds to avoid catastrophic fires

Caretaker Environment Minister Nasser Yassin, on Sunday, warned against burning dry grass during this period and wrote on platform “X” the following: “In the past two days, we have witnessed several forest fires that were almost catastrophic, namely in Bisri Plain, Qabi’it, Akkar Al-Atiqa, Dinniyeh, Kafra and other areas…The rapid response of the civil defense teams and first responder groups, the great support from the Lebanese Army Air Forces, and the supply of water by the municipalities contributed to controlling these fires and preventing their expansion.”

He added: “Most of these fires started due to the negligence of some farmers who were burning dry weeds on their lands, and the speed of the winds and low humidity led to their expansion.”

Yassin continued, “In cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture, natural reserve committees, municipalities, and environmental associations, we will circulate to everyone the prohibition of burning weeds and waste during this period and respecting the forest law, which forbids this in lands of less than five hundred meters of forest, from July 1 to October 31.”

  • NNA