| 29 February 2024, Thursday |

“Every possible assistance to form government was provided, but Hariri did not take partnership into account,” says Aoun

President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, affirmed in an interview conducted by the “General Security” magazine, that “until the last moment of my constitutional term, I will strive with the remaining good-willed people in this country to snatch the state from the grasp of those who wreaked havoc and destruction in it.”

“Enough with blindly being dragged behind our sectarianism and the leaders that have failed to date in building the state. The Lebanese must strive for the birth of a new political class that will achieve a modern civil state,” he said, noting that “the problem is not in the constitution, but in the failure to implement it.”

“I provided all the necessary facilitations to form a government, but the PM-designate did not observe the principle of national partnership. Concessions are required from everyone today. What we need is a stance of conscience, and France is seeking, through its President Emmanuel Macron, to find common grounds for an understanding to rescue Lebanon,” the president added.

He explained that “some of the perpetrators of the crime of financial collapse are still in power to this day and are desperate to escape impunity,” adding that “the corrupt system is coherently built and well rooted, be it political or non-political.”

Aoun stressed that “the parliamentary and municipal elections of 2022 will take place in a timely manner,” pointing out that some countries “want to use the file of the displaced as a card in their game for a political solution.”

“I have not spared any effort to help achieve the return of the displaced Syrians who reside in Lebanon,” he asserted.

  • NNA