| 5 December 2021, Sunday |

Exclusive SBI: 19 arrested in Tayouneh events, dozens are under prosecution

Major developments have been experienced in the Judicial and security investigations into the events of Tayouneh, as 19 people from whom there was firm and reliable information about their involvement in the armed clashes have been arrested.

A prominent judicial source revealed to Sawt Beirut International (SBI), that the army’s intelligence “has been able to arrest 19 people so far from both parties, and the Internal Security Forces are working to track down and chase dozens of those whose pictures appeared at the site of the battle and the internal streets, and their names are now known.”

The source added that the arrested not only participated in the battle, but also brought young men to the area to participate in the confrontation.”

This incident of serious dimensions, attracted the attention of the judicial and security parties. Today, the Military Court’s Government Commissioner Judge Fadi Akiki, who oversees the preliminary investigations, in coordination with the Head of Prosecution Department at the Court of Cassation, Judge Ghassan Oweidat, wrote judicial representations to the State Security, General Security, and the Information Division at the ISF, in which he assigned them to conduct investigations and gather information about what happened. He also requested a comprehensive survey of all surveillance cameras in the area, to determine the identities of all armed men from both sides.”

In parallel to the ongoing investigations and field work on the ground to contain the repercussions of what happened, the judicial source stressed that “investigations will verify the reality of the heavy armed appearance and military parades that were circulated through social media, and whether they happened yesterday or they were old photos, in order to take the necessary measures.”

The judicial source explained that the investigation “focuses also on a basic point, which is to make sure whether the demonstrators were subjected to an armed ambush and were shot by snipers, while crossing Sami El Solh Street towards the Palace of Justice, or whether a problem occurred and led to fire exchange and then military confrontation with weapons.”

The source stressed the need to know whether there was a number of snipers on the roofs of some buildings from the Ain Al Remmaneh side, which led to direct injuries, as well as the use of firepower from the other side in response to the shooters from Ain al-Remmaneh area.”