| 2 March 2024, Saturday |

Fadi Hassan clarifies congestion reason at Rafic Hariri International Airport

Commenting on the videos that showed crowding at the airport, head of Beirut International Airport, Fadi Al-Hassan, said that “the inspection machines are divided according to the number of passengers, and the number starts to escalate between now and January 10.”

He pointed out, via a television interview, that the reason for the congestion was that the number of passengers exceeded in one day, the rest of the days, as about 12 thousand passengers were registered, while the rest of the days were about 7,000 passengers, and there were not enough inspection machines.

It is noteworthy that the airport had witnessed yesterday afternoon, on the second day of the year 2022, a very large crowding, as the numbers increased more than the acceptable limit in the almost complete absence of the distancing measures, or the precautionary measures of Corona, and the security forces only opened three platforms for inspection and kept the remaining platforms out of service. .