| 27 May 2024, Monday |

Fahmi rejects request to interrogate General Ibrahim

The Director of the Media Center, Salem Zahran, revealed that the legal department in the Ministry of Interior prepared a legal response to what was stated in the judicial investigator’s request, and indicated that the ship “Rhosus,” and its deadly cargo had been seized judicially and that there was no role or authority for the General Security.

Zahran added during a radio interview that based on these results, the Ministry of Interior Mohammed Fahmi decided not to grant permission to prosecute Major General Abbas Ibrahim.

It is worth noting that Judge Tarek Bitar sent a letter to the Parliament through the Discriminatory Public Prosecution, asking for lifting of the parliamentary immunity of former Finance Minister Ali Hassan Khalil, former Minister of Works Ghazi Zoueiter, and former Interior Minister Nohad Al-Mashnouq, in preparation for prosecution.

Bitar also directed two letters, one of which to the Beirut Bar Association, in order to obtain its permission for prosecuting Khalil and Zouaiter, as they are lawyers. The second was directed to Tripoli Bar Association, to obtain its permission to prosecute the former Minister of Works, lawyer Youssef Fenianos. These permissions were to investigate with them all for the possible intent of murder and a misdemeanor of negligence.

Bitar also asked the Presidency of the Council of Ministers to give permission to question the commander of the State Security Service, Major General Tony Saliba, as a defendant, and he also requested permission from the Caretaker Minister of Interior Fahmi to prosecute the Director General of the General Security, Major General Abbas Ibrahim.

He also sent a letter to the Discriminatory Public Prosecution, in which he requested taking the legal requirement against some judges.

The list of prosecutions, included “former military and security leaders, as Bitar also claimed the former army chief, General Jean Kahwaji, the former director of intelligence in the army, Brigadier General Kamil Daher, the former brigadier general in the army’s intelligence Ghassan Gharzeddine, and the former brigadier general in the intelligence Jawdat Oweidat.”

  • Sawt Beirut International