| 4 March 2024, Monday |

Fayyad: “Gasoline will be available at stations, within 48 hours.”

Head of the grouping of oil importing companies in Lebanon, George Fayyad, confirmed in a press interview that gasoline will be available at gas stations within 48 hours.

“We were informed about the opening of credits for prior approvals, and Banque du Liban will give approval to about seven gasoline and diesel ships, five of which are in Lebanese territorial waters, and two ships that will arrive successively according to the subsidized price at 8000 Lebanese pounds per dollar. “Fayyad said.

He explained that ” Banque du Liban started to move, on the one hand it gave prior approvals for the introduction of additional subsidized ships, and on the other hand it is mobilizing the issue of paying companies.”

Fayyad confirmed that “the facilities ship has started unloading its cargo, noting that some companies are waiting to receive their funds from the previously allocated credits, before receiving new cargoes.”

Adding that “gasoline will be available at the stations within 48 hours, that is, as from Thursday or Friday as a maximum. The material is available,  and the process is technical, approvals have been reached and payments are underway.”