| 14 April 2024, Sunday |

Finance ministry heads of units declare open strike

Heads of units at the Public Finance Directorate announced today their open strike until their salaries are adjusted according to the exchange rate of LBP 8,000 per USD.

This came following their meeting this afternoon, which was devoted to agreeing on suitable “escalatory steps after successive and continuous meetings and discussions and strikes carried out by the employees of the Public Finance Directorate, demanding a minimum standard of living in light of the inability to secure the needs of their families due to the significant deterioration in their income.”

Participants regretted that, despite the gracious attempt by the Finance Minister to support, “no solution has been reached that secures the employees’ minimum rights.”

They pointed out that this decision is the result of a long suffering endured by employees on a daily basis which threatens the livelihood of their families, and is in no way directed against the privileges of their colleagues in other departments and institutions.

Consequently, they underlined their demand for “an immediate adjustment of salaries of employees at the Ministry of Finance, by adopting the exchange rate of the platform and securing fuel for employees to reach their work premises.”


  • NNA