| 17 October 2021, Sunday |

Fire index still high

Ministry of Environment issued a statement warning that the fire season is still ongoing, and it increases the risks of catastrophic fires and their spread, during this time of the year. Forecasts of fire risks over the next nine days, according to the Firelab system of the University of Balamand, indicate a noticeable increase in the risk of fire, after the low level of humidity in the vegetation cover, which has become a very suitable environment for the expansion of catastrophic fires.”
In order to avoid catastrophic fires and their danger to biodiversity and forest cover, the Ministry of Environment calls on citizens to adhere to the following instructions:
Comply with the provisions of the current Forestry Law, which states that “No person shall be permitted to burn thistles, grass, straw and other plants, on lands located less than five hundred meters from any forested area from July 1 to October 31.”
Relying on the national strategy for the management of forest fires in Lebanon issued pursuant to Cabinet Resolution No. 52/2009, particularly with regard to the following activities:
Readiness before any fire breaks out:
Taking advantage of fire forecasts to improve preparedness.
Supporting individuals and local community groups in informing municipalities and security forces of any human activities that may lead to a fire outbreak, and unifying efforts in fire prevention.
For the response:
In case of a fire outbreak, inform the municipalities and civil defense to intervene quickly in extinguishing it within the first twenty minutes of its outbreak, and limit the possibility of its spread with the availability of water sources and hand equipment, by a human team with a high level of readiness.