| 17 April 2024, Wednesday |

Fneidek village without fuel, electricity, medicine, and heating!

The mayor of Fneidek Samih Abdel Hai, appealed to all those concerned saying: “Fneideq has been for days without diesel, and warned of the storm coming which will cause strong winds, freeze, and accumulation of snow.”

He added: “People are in their homes without firewood or fuel, and the situation is tragic. Families are at risk of death or disease, in addition to the complete blackout of state electricity for more than a week due to a malfunction in cables, while the generators are no longer able to continue due to shortages in fuel oil.”

Abdel Hai said: “Who is responsible for families without medicine, electricity, heating, at a time the temperature is below zero? To whom shall we appeal?” What do you want from us after all this oppression, hunger, humiliation, injustice and moral and psychological provocation?

He concluded by appealing to “those who are concerned before it is too late, and to those who have a human sense in this country, even though we are convinced that no one can replace the state.”

  • Sawt Beirut International