| 17 April 2024, Wednesday |

Following children abuse, Abyad announces revocation of Al-Jdeide” daycare license.

Caretaker Health Minister Firas Al-Abyad announced that “it was decided to withdraw the nursery license in Jdeideh, as children were abused, and to close it permanently.”

He stressed that “there are international partners in this file, in cooperation with the relevant ministries and trade unions, and no crises can justify any exposure to children and dealing with them in any way contrary to their protection.”

Abyad had called for an emergency meeting of the Juvenile Protection Committee, stressing that “teams from the Ministry are conducting inspection tours of nurseries,” adding to Al-Hadath: “Surprise visits to nurseries must be increased, and all workers in nurseries must undergo training,” stressing that the Ministry is communicating with the parents of abused children, and “all children in the nursery will be subjected to a medical examination.”
He continued: “The teacher who filmed the video shocked me more than the one who hurt the children.”

  • Sawt Beirut International