| 4 March 2024, Monday |

“Foreign ministry a den of Clientelism & absolute corruption,” deems Geagea

Lebanese Forces Party Chief, Samir Geagea, stressed that “the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is seeking, by various means, to obstruct the election of expatriates in order to reduce the voting rate by the method of distributing them to polling stations in some countries and delaying the publishing of ballot lists, despite the objection of the Lebanese communities to this and their demand for correction and the adoption of the method applied in 2018.”

He denounced the Foreign Ministry’s approach in this respect, considering it a “den of clientelism and total corruption.”
Geagea’s words came during an electoral event organized by the Lebanese Forces Party’s Jezzine branch, in the presence of members of the “Our Unity in Sidon and Jezzine” vote list and various partisans, supporters and mayors from the region.

Touching on the ministerial performance of the “Free Patriotic Movement” and the “Lebanese Forces” cabinet members in some ministries, Geagea said: “There is no ministry that the LF took on without leaving a positive impact through its ministers who acted as real statesmen.”

Geagea criticized FPM Chief, MP Gibran Bassil’s speeches, considering that the latter “seeks to incite people against each other instead of talking about development and projects,” while also indirectly slamming Bassil’s alliances “with those he previously blamed for obstructing his efforts and labelled them as corrupt and thugs.”

Addressing the people of Jezzine, Geagea urged them to “decide between standing still in our place, or even declining more and more, or getting out of this darkness to start saving Lebanon.”

“Many do not like the Lebanese Forces, and this is their right, but we call on them to vote for the Lebanese Forces and their allies, not out of love for them, but for their own actual interest, the interest of their children and their future, because the LF Party has proven at all stages that it is able to save the country and rescue it from this hell, and it shares this desire with the Lebanese,” Geagea underscored.

He stressed that the upcoming parliamentary elections are not ordinary elections, but rather a “fateful stage during which the country can be saved through large parliamentary blocs.”

  • NNA