| 13 June 2024, Thursday |

Foreign Ministry: Lebanon voted in favor of the UN General Assembly’s resolution on the protection of civilians

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants issued a statement this afternoon, in which it indicated that “in view of Israel’s continued barbaric aggression against the defenseless Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip for the fourth week in a row, and even increasing its intensity to the point where it is classified as a genocide crime, leaving behind thousands of dead and wounded civilians, most of whom are children, women and elderly, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants in Lebanon condemns the Israeli approach that is based on blind hatred and aims to turn Gaza into a mass grave for more than two million Palestinians.”

The Ministry’s statement went on to emphasize that “this behavior which is evasive of any controls or accountability, may ignite the Middle East and fuel feelings of hatred around the world, threatening regional and international peace and security.”

“This requires urgent action from the international community to force Israel to immediately stop its current military aggression and to abide by international laws and conventions, particularly in the aspect related to crimes against humanity, instead of suggesting to it that it is an entity beyond accountability,” the statement strongly underlined.

It continued to indicate that Lebanon, in harmony with the near-Arab consensus, sponsored and voted in favor of the United Nations General Assembly resolution on “Protecting Civilians and Fulfilling Legal and Humanitarian Obligations” dated October 27, 2023, “because blind revenge and turning Gaza into a mass grave for the Palestinian people is not an item on the agenda of international law and human rights, nor of countries keen on human civilization.”


  • NNA