| 20 May 2024, Monday |

FPM: How long will the President-designate continue to hold the procuration of the House of Representatives?

The “Free Patriotic Movement” political body held its periodic meeting today, chaired by its Chief, MP Gebran Bassil, following which an issued statement asked the Prime Minister -designate, Saad Hariri: ” How long will the President-designate continue to hold the procuration of the House of Representatives without implementing people’s will to form a reformist government capable of its ministers and its program?”

The Political Bureau indicated that the insistence on not forming the government is “a kind of abuse of the constitutional authority and diverting it from its objectives.”

The FPM polit-bureau expressed its satisfaction with the course that began to appear in the investigation into the Beirut port explosion, after the requests that the judicial investigator wrote to know the identity of the nitrate importers.

The FPM also announced that it would not provide any political or popular means to approve a bunch of proposed laws that were presented to the House of Representatives to combat corruption, recover looted funds and transfer them abroad, disclose public service employees’ accounts and their accounts, establish a law for the Special Court for Financial Crimes, and approve the Capital Control Law.

Finally, the statement appealed to the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank to provide the Lebanese with a clear answer to what the forensic audit has achieved and the information required to be submitted by the Central Bank to the Ministry of Finance, after the Alvarez and Marsal Company had responded in writing that it had not received the satisfactory answers that it requested as a condition for resuming its work.

  • NNA