| 24 April 2024, Wednesday |

France pledges its full support for the Lebanese Civil Defense

The French Ambassador to Lebanon Anne Grillo reaffirmed France’s support for the Civil Defense in its missions, and declared: “We will continue to help as long as there is a need. When a brother country requires assistance, we take the initiative.”

It’s worth mentioning that the fire that started yesterday in the Akkar region, far north of Lebanon, is still burning, despite the efforts of a helicopter and Syrian firefighting workers near the border to put it out.

The French Ambassador  pointed out that civil defense teams, the army and volunteers, environmental activists and residents, are working tirelessly on the ground, while the Lebanese Army’s military helicopters began from five in the morning to help put out the fires in the rugged and difficult sites, especially in the areas of Andaket, Aakroum and Beit Jaafar.

The Lebanese Red Cross ambulance and emergency personnel arrived through an operations center with 13 ambulances concentrating their points in the many affected locations.

  • Sawt Beirut International